Our ceremony will be live streamed starting at 3:45 this Saturday from Golden Gate Entertainment's Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/goldengateent
Will you reschedule the wedding?

We're having a wedding on April 10th at Gardens in the Gorge whether it's 6 people or everybody. Why not reschedule?

- We've already rescheduled once

- We wouldn't get deposits back

- Vendors have adjusted policies to include verbiage concerning COVID

- Our area doesn't currently have any capacity restrictions. Even schools are fully open here.

- It's your choice whether you'd like to come

- We're doing our best to manage it.

What if something happens (numbers spike, regulations change) between now and the day?
We'll tell ya.

We'll update this website, and put announcements on our parents and our own facebook pages, and then work through contacting everyone individually.

What are you doing to prevent COVID at the wedding?
We never could have imagined our hands would consume more alcohol than our mouths, but here we are.

There is a mask and sanitizing station in the parking lot. There will be additional masks and sanitizing stations set up to use before touching serving utensils, at tables, and around yard games.

You MUST wear a mask to even get on the shuttle and throughout the entirety of the event. We have told our service people they have the authority to tell people to put their masks on.

We wanted everyone to feel like they could mingle originally, but with COVID, we will assign dinner seating. This way we can put families who already know each other seated together. We will space seats and tables out as much as possible. Each table will have a card asking for names and phone numbers of those seated there. This will be used incase of contact tracing should occur. Same with the ceremony seating, we will leave as much spacing as possible.

Appetizers are in individual containers. You can sneak your apps quickly, but then put the mask back on to walk around.

What if I have the vaccine?
Still gotta wear one.

You must still wear a mask. Our service people and everyone else at the wedding won't know exactly who has the vaccine or not. Just to prevent misunderstandings and encourage precautions, wear a mask.

What if I test positive for COVID soon after the wedding?

We will look at our charts and call anyone who we think could have been close contacts. As stated above, each table will have a card to collect names and phone numbers for this purpose.